Renew SCII Plant Stem Cell Serum

Renew SCII Plant Stem Cell Serum

I just received this new cream in the mail and will be giving it a try. This really sounds like an amazing cream and is all natural.

Renew SCII is a bit more expensive than some creams,  but not as much as some of the costly competitors out there and the technology behind this cream seems top notch. 

Some of the amazing benefits of Renew SCII include stem cells:

For The First Time, We Know How Your Skin Regenerates!

Until recently, scientists have not been able to agree about how skin repairs and rejuvenates itself. 5

But then in June, 2013 Dr. Xinshan Li and a team of researchers at Sheffield University in England changed that. They showed conclusive proof, revealing how your skin renews itself.

Battered by the environment, the cells at the surface of your skin are constantly dividing to replace themselves. But there are only so many times each of these surface cells can divide before they give out.

That’s where a special group of cells hidden in the deeper layers of your skin come to the rescue.

Unlike the cells near the surface, these hidden cells don’t divide much at all. They mostly “sleep.” They only “wake up” and start dividing if your skin suffers a serious wound. Or to replenish the stock of quickly dividing skin cells near the surface.

That’s when these special stem cells rouse themselves, and start a whole new line of skin cells.

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